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our talented producers are the essence of our common endeavour to create deep melodic journeys


3xB⋮ND (triple bind) is an entity that finds itself at the intersection of sound, technology and arts.


This not to be missed french duo has risen to an elite status in the electronic music scene and be considered amongst Melodic Techno´s up and coming royalty.

Amir Telem

After releasing his music in some of best labels in the underground music scene: The Soundgarden, Click, 3000Grad, Bar 25, Kindisch, Reload Black, Dear Deer, HMWL, Perspectives Digital and many more, Amir is establishing himself as a rising star with a growing followers community worldwide.

Anton Allure

Copenhagen based, Anton Allure's signature sound is a mixture of dark pulsating beats, eccentric melodies and powerful synths that allures you into a hypnotic state. He thrives towards the perplexity of sounds that baffle the ear and adds to the overall story.

Cosmic Minds

They join forces to deliver a sound characterized by harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness.


D-FORMATION is Dimas Carbajo, Dj & Produccer from Spain, owner and main exponent of BEATFREAK GROUP, the first Spanish record label of underground electronic music , BEATFREAK RECORDINGS, which has been conveying this national music style to the entire planet since 1997.


Based on the French Island of Corsica, David Halewa aka DAVIDEE has been crafting his brand of melodic house and techno for the last several years.

Daniel Vilchez

Dj and Music Producer from Andalucia living in Barcelona.

Darin Epsilon

Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is often referred to as a pioneer of Melodic House & Techno and Progressive House.


In 2016, the dream of two young people was born, which destiny brings together to chase their dream, which is to bring their truth and vision of life to the crowd on the dance floor.


Dizharmonia was inspired and influenced by modern sounds of techno and oldschool sounds of progressive music scene to create tracks aromatised by atmospheric and wicked synths and strings,aggressive basslines and tight drums

Eleven Of July

Visionarie, old school, wax and analog lover, definitely a slave of the techno movement.

Fabian Vieregge

Fabian Vieregge moved to the capitol Berlin in 2011 to find himself in music. After years of studying the many varieties of electronic music, he found his own dark melodic & progressive style in producing and DJing.


Galestian is an LA-born and Berlin-based electronic music artist, whose recent releases have been supported by a wide range of international tastemakers including Nicole Moudaber, Nora En Pure, Joris Voorn and many others.


GRAZZE is an artist in love with music in all its essence, who has made perseverance as his best weapon, given his performances in important international venues.


Garance grew up in contact with an inspiring, vibrant and emotional nightlife, during the golden age of squats in Geneva. Her productions and DJ sets are oscillating between progressive house and melodic techno, but always offering, like a common thread, melodic and hypnotic sounds.

Greg Nox

Inspired, ready and extremely focused on music production, constantly hungry for crafting new sounds in his studio. A listener, inspired by different musical genres, able to deliver exceptional performances as a DJ.

Hannes Bieger

Widely regarded for his stunning live shows and exemplary discography, Hannes Bieger has cultivated a steady ascent through a consistently high work ethic and his inherent creative talent.


INESSA is originally half Austrian / half Tunisian and since a very young age fell in love with electronic music.


Intakto…. What? "Entaktogen", touching what's within - music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it's way right into your bones.


Montreal-based DJ & producer, Jares' inspiration comes from a firm belief that deep progressive sonorities, combined with a detailing beat, can produce an inner state of euphoria and mindfulness.


A lover of melodies, sound, rhythm, but above all, a lover of the emotions that music provides. Here's how to define Jickow. Born in the south of France, this DJ, producer and event planner has made his way to a prime position in the world of electronic music.

Joe Fisher

Born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Joe Fisher has been playing and producing electronic music for over 20 years, crafting his musical style in between Progressive House and Melodic Techno.


The Miami native music producer, crafts melodic tracks under the name, KAMADEV, he is known for creating texturally vibrant electronic music that is filled with visceral melodies.

Manuel Maga

Born in the analog age and raised in the digital days. "Music first, Always!" is a mantra who drive his life. Manuel Maga lives in the present, learning from the past, tryin to encode the future.

Mark Wild

Mark, a music producer and introvert from Milan blends 2000s nostalgia with 60s/70s passion in his sought-after, emotionally charged soundscapes.


Modeplex is an exceptional artist known for his distinct blend of melodic techno and deep house.

Nihil Young

Nihil Young is an electronic music producer known for his consistently expressive and captivating soundscapes.


When creativity and curiosity meet with the passion for electronic sounds and the love to musical detail, then this is the perfect base for talents like the Berlin based Othertune, to create something new.

Rafa Silva

Drawing from a rich background in Rock and Classical Music, Rafa Silva brings a unique and captivating approach to the modern electronic scene.


Rauschhaus is a DJ and producer of Melodic Techno and Progressive House from Kiel, Germany.


SUZé’s sets have depth and take the audience on a musical journey full of emotion and energy. She creates a unique sound experience which is characterized by melodies, chords and a pulsating groove in perfect harmony. The atmosphere is always in focus and remains equally dynamic - peak moments are key!

Stan Starry

Techno with heart and soul. This is the best way to describe the sound of Stan Starry.


As a sincere fan of technology, Starkato's relationship with electronic instruments shapes his world of melodic techno.


Sundra defined herself early on through electronic music. One of the first parties she attended at the tender age of 16 years, were decisive for the fact that she was directly drawn into the spell of magic, made her first DJ steps and then taught himself to DJ. At 20, the whole thing was then underlined by first own productions.


Lunatique brought this new project called TIMLER to life in order to be able to show what was sleeping inside of him for a long time


Thedtry has been in contact with electronic music since 1999 during his adolescence and ever since then, he began to explore delicous House and Techno sets. Recently he started as a producer, with his creations being filled with light and striking melodies, bringing a subtle and simple touch to his tracks.

Till Antonio

Driving bass lines, playful melodies and an energetic atmosphere are essential to the tracks of Berlin-based producer & DJ Till Antonio, who has found an intimate love and connection to powerful melodic techno.


Veeco, was born in 1979. He is a Hungary based musician, DJ, producer, remixer and electronic music enthusiast music

Voltaire (UK)

His productions are groovy and melodic and take you through a journey of darkness and light

Zy Khan

Zy Khan produces music from the point of view of his own life experiences and moods, bringing a fresh new perspective and exciting sound design to his music.

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