our talented producers are the essence of our common endeavour to create deep melodic journeys

Anton Allure

Copenhagen based, Anton Allure's signature sound is a mixture of dark pulsating beats, eccentric melodies and powerful synths that allures you into a hypnotic state. He thrives towards the perplexity of sounds that baffle the ear and adds to the overall story.

Cosmic Minds

They join forces to deliver a sound characterized by harmonious melodies in the middle of darkness.


Based on the French Island of Corsica, David Halewa aka DAVIDEE has been crafting his brand of melodic house and techno for the last several years.

Daniel Vilchez

Dj and Music Producer from Andalucia living in Barcelona.

Eleven of July

Visionarie, old school, wax and analog lover, definitely a slave of the techno movement.

Greg Nox

Inspired, ready and extremely focused on music production, constantly hungry for crafting new sounds in his studio. A listener, inspired by different musical genres, able to deliver exceptional performances as a DJ.


INESSA is originally half Austrian / half Tunisian and since a very young age fell in love with electronic music.


Intakto…. What? "Entaktogen", touching what's within - music with melodies that touch the heart and a bassline finding it's way right into your bones.


The Miami native music producer, crafts melodic tracks under the name, KAMADEV, he is known for creating texturally vibrant electronic music that is filled with visceral melodies.


As a sincere fan of technology, Starkato's relationship with electronic instruments shapes his world of melodic techno.


Lunatique brought this new project called TIMLER to life in order to be able to show what was sleeping inside of him for a long time

Thies Dry

Born and raised in Berlin’s suburbs, Thies Dry discovered techno during the 90's with the Love Parade and the legendary club scene of his city. With such a background and a musical training started in his childhood, the talented artist is about to embark on a transcending journey.

Till Antonio

Driving bass lines, playful melodies and an energetic atmosphere are essential to the tracks of Berlin-based producer & DJ Till Antonio, who has found an intimate love and connection to powerful melodic techno.


Veeco, was born in 1979. He is a Hungary based musician, DJ, producer, remixer and electronic music enthusiast. music

Voltaire (UK)

His productions are groovy and melodic and take you through a journey of darkness and light

Zy Khan

Zy Khan produces music from the point of view of his own life experiences and moods, bringing a fresh new perspective and exciting sound design to his music.

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