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Modeplex is a DJ and techno producer from south Germany. Raised in a musical family, Dave, which is his real name, has always been surrounded by instruments, music and records. Therefore in his early twenties, he started organizing events and got in touch with promoters and bookers.

Modeplex has developed a very personal way to write music, in which different musical genres and scenes are part of the progress. These are the perfect ingredients which give birth to a wholesome kind of techno and deep house.

He takes his inspiration from everyday life experiences, events that have happened in the past or which he anticipates for the future. All these emotions are condensed to experiment with different sounds and recordings. This is the reason why he is able to create songs that convey genuine feelings.

Each track created by Modeplex has a deep and unique character. That's why he applies a vast number of ideas, emotions and algorithms to his creative process. Given the fact that there is a lot to learn and that making music together with other artists is more fun, he values the importance of cooperation.

Somehow Indifferent




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