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Widely regarded for his stunning live shows and exemplary discography, Hannes Bieger has cultivated a steady ascent through a consistently high work ethic and his inherent creative talent. Edging ever closer to the upper echelons of the electronic music world, his global reputation has been cemented by a slew of high-profile international shows, working closely with Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave to showcase and establish his remarkable ingenuity. In 2020, he unveiled his debut LP Pele to widespread acclaim, and in 2022 he appeared on the iconic Balance mix series - the first live performer to do so - alongside a trail of club hits, epitomising his intuitive approach. Hannes has notched up several chart-topping singles, widespread DJ support and performances at some of the world’s most prestigious electronic music events. Determined, driven and downright talented Hannes Bieger is a mixing and production powerhouse with a live show that demonstrates his uncanny ability to channel deep emotion and infectious rhythm into every composition…

In 2019 Hannes produced a full-length LP Pele - named after Hawaii’s Volcano God - which was signed to Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave label, a platform for live electronic artists to pour their creative spirit into extended productions and album projects. The album merged Hannes’ studio experience and his exploits on the road to cultivate a nuanced sound that exudes maturity. Across six scintillating cuts, all named after volcanic terms, he explored the realms of the album format, creating tracks with a longer running time which can be enjoyed in a variety of environments as well as the dancefloor. With four of the cuts running well over 10 minutes, the album has the organic feel of a band jamming and improvising together thanks to Hannes’ tactile approach in the studio.

With his Balance Series appearance, Hannes utilised the iconic format to showcase the studio work he’s been undertaking during the pandemic. Originally intended for his follow-up album, the exclusive music on Hannes’ Balance mix represents the next phase of his creative evolution, informed both by his time on the road and the period of downtime during lockdown. As ever, the tracks benefit from his depth of experience as an engineer, combined with his implicit understanding of the dance floor and the honest emotion that can only be channeled when in a state of creative flow. On the LP, we’re also privy to Hannes’ collaborative output, joining forces with several renowned artists including Gui Boratto, Victor Ruiz, Rodriguez Jr. and Luna Semara. The installment further bolsters Hannes’ upward trajectory and demonstrates his inherent ability to produce music that strikes the perfect balance between sincere emotion, innate rhythm and technical precision. Learning key lessons from engineering for some of the most talented producers in the game, Hannes accumulated a huge store of knowledge and skills resulting in a deeply intuitive, ‘less is more’ approach. Placing great importance on this reductive, timeless method for his music, the results have been impressive, with releases on a range of influential labels including Bedrock, Poker Flat, Awesome Soundwave, Tronic, fryhide and This And That.

Parallel to his production exploits, Hannes has devoted his time and energy to developing his universally revered live show. Signed to the Analog agency, Hannes is an in-demand artist who traverses the globe on a regular basis, picking up bookings at some of the world’s best-known festivals and clubs including DC-10 (Ibiza), Cityfox Live (New York), Ultra (Miami), Nordstern (Basel), Fabrik (Madrid), Awakenings (Amsterdam), D.Edge (São Paulo) Watergate and Ritter Butzke (Berlin), The Bow (Buenos Aires) and Baum (Bogotá). He has also appeared at Stade Velodrome in Marseille, in front of 60.000 people, supporting the French band Indochine, and performed at the stunning Stromboli Volcano in Italy. His current touring schedule also includes dates in India, Australia and New Zealand. With every show he is intent on connecting with the crowd, forming a symbiotic relationship that is mutually invigorating and epitomises the true nature of his sound; unifying people from all walks of life through the expression of deep human emotion and primal rhythms.

Hannes performs live with a collection of synths that form a mobile studio, transported into various venues across the world, where he gives 100% every time. Preferring the physicality of performing a truly live show, the set up allows him to be spontaneous, playful and dynamic, wowing audiences across the world with his energetic performances. His set up includes a Moog Sub 37, DSI Prophet-6 and a UA Apollo 8 all played through an SSL board, reinforcing Hannes’ belief that there should be no cutting corners when it comes to live shows. This same energy is applied when he’s composing in the studio, resulting in music that comes straight from his heart and soul. The hard work has paid off, with Hannes voted 13th best live act in Faze Mag’s 2020 readers poll, also picking up ‘Record of the Week’ in the same publication in 2021. Press coverage of Hannes and his music has also appeared in publications such as DJ Mag, Mixmag, When We Dip and Magnetic Mag, who said his Balance mix was named ‘The Best Techno You’ll Hear This Month’ in May 2022.

Now established as a formidable and widely respected live performer and producer, Hannes Bieger continues to ascend to the highest heights, driven by his unwavering dedication to making and playing the very best quality electronic music. Proof that dedication to one’s craft and an uncompromising focus on quality over quantity can provide the perfect foundation to lasting success, Hannes is reaping the rewards from a lifelong commitment to music, sharing his gift with the world every step of the way…




Hannes Bieger

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