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As Meldodic House/Techno begins to replace Minimal as the dominant sound in the clubs, it goes hand in hand with many new faces shaping the emerging scene. One of these new faces belongs to Sundra.

Sundra's music is a mix of sexy house tracks with sexy vocals combined with melodic, driving techno. Her debut release "Point of no Return" will be released August 2022 on the international label Deep Tales, run by Till Anotino. With the extraordinary track and the concentrated promotion power of the professional label behind her, the producer took off from zero to a hundred within a very short time, not least thanks to the support of Berlin producer/DJ Othertune.

First gigs played Sundra, among others in the Berlin cult club Salon zur wilden Renate for the "Bordel des Arts 2017", the Hamburg club Frau Holle B2b with Othertune, or solo in the Beatboutiuque in Hamburg. More gigs are already confirmed and we can be curious what there is in the near future still everything to hear from her...!







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