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People may forget what someone said or did at a certain moment, but they will never forget how they felt with a person.
It's the same with SUZé’s gigs – her audience is always left with emotions that stay. Connectedness and freedom can be felt in her sets in equal measure and you notice that electronic music is her special passion and her long-time companion or as she says herself: her "faithful swan".

Quite a while ago, SUZé found her second home in Hamburg's harbor. Prolonged stays abroad in southern France and California significantly influenced the cosmopolitan, warm-hearted artist, in finding her personal sound. To describe her style, you have to look for the "sweet spot" of Progressive House and Melodic Techno. SUZé’s sets have depth and take the audience on a musical journey full of emotion and energy. She creates a unique sound experience which is characterized by melodies, chords and a pulsating groove in perfect harmony. The atmosphere is always in focus and remains equally dynamic - peak moments are key!

Somehow Indifferent




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