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Alessio’s new signature sound is unconventional, full of emotions and sensations. His feelings become melodic, evocative and nostalgic sounds which takes you on a journey inbetween reality and imagination. Simple but hypnotic rhythmics together with intense and melancolic synth give life to an effective and identified groove. Although it might seem he is new to the scene, his passion and dedication to music is timeless. He started producing 7 years ago, experiencing various sonorities to finally find his own definitive identity.

Alessio has become affirmed and established in the melodic techno music scene by receiving the support of artists such as Innellea, Fideles, Vintage Culture, Ida Engberg, Korolova, The Element and Oostil.

Alessio has recently played at Melodic Generator event during the ADE, in Amsterdam. He also has participated at numerous events, among the most important for Desert Paradise in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), at B018 and Ballroomblitz in Beirut (Lebanon), for Community EG in Cairo (Egypt) and at Club44 in Milan.




Alessio Pennati

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