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Story started in Athens when Sotiris and Sokratis met for an experimental collab at a dark room of Piraeus suburban area.

Decided to combine their rough and bizarre ideas of their music taste they sat down and started putting their soul in it inspired by underground culture , art , movies and "edging" life experiences turning every track they produced into a single tale.

Their unique sound made them pioneers of a new melodic uprising genre back in 2015 getting attention of labels like Steyoyoke where they released their first Emanuel EP that made the charts right away marking a new era of success.

Not very long after their first release in 2016 they capped their first international gig and a fan base while releases on finest labels like Ritter Butzke , Sincopat ,Stil vor Talent and Bar25 named after the legendary club were forging fan bases in many countries around the world getting them almost everywhere for shows .

Life is not always giving u flowers so in a dark age of humanity during pandemic Dizharmonia decided to launch (after some experimental tries) their soul-matching project called Androgyne Audio along with an "amazon" called Lacularis .

That was all about the name . The masculine power and determination met with the feminine persistence and intelligence to craft a label attached to fashion and randomly social crazy behaviours aiming to combine underground vibe with iconic beauty and to support upcoming artists to show their talent.

Not yet to the peak wait for it..

Odyssee EP




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