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„Music is his constant companion“ Roman Adam grew up in a very musical family and learned to play instruments at an early age. Fascinated by the world of electronic music, Roman’s journey began in 2013, when he started recording his first sets, playing DJ sets and immersing himself in the world of production.

Unable to get away from it, Roman explored different styles under the pseudonym „Kuestenklatsch“ and later „The Coast“, which ultimately brought him to the beginnings of his journey: Roman Adam.

Roman Adam’s sound is characterized by rolling grooves, razor sharp sounds and relentless build ups. Roman displays an edgy & muscular techno. Releases on labels such as: „SENSO SOUNDS“ and „Alula Tunes“, give glimpses of the diversity of Roman’s sound.

Driven and inspired by the „Senso Sounds“ music, Roman laid the foundation for his first major releases last year. The release „Dark Side of the Moon“ appeared in August 21 on the artist compilation „LEVEL“ and climbed all the way to the top 100 of the Beatport Techno Single Charts at number 93. 2022 started no less spectacular for Roman, on May 20 his Elevate EP was released on Senso Sounds and is currently #9 on the Techno Album Charts as well as #43 on the techno Single Charts.




Roman Adam

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