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Mark is a music producer from Milan, who grew up among the sounds of the 2000s but is also passionate about 60s/70s music; being an introverted person he expresses himself through music and photography. His sounds are sought after sometimes a little crazy because they tell his emotions and experiences of him; a journey that narrates his life.

He has found music and photography the perfect way to express his thoughts and feelings. His music is an expression of his innermost thoughts and experiences and he puts his heart into every sound he creates. His musical journey is a way of learning and expressing himself, while also offering a unique experience to his audience. 
 Mark is also passionate about exploring different styles of music and experimentation in order to create unique sound compositions.

He is committed to pushing the boundaries of music production as he strives to make unique and creative music. He enjoys using new techniques and technology to create his signature sound. He is continuously evolving and learning, creating new music that tells the story of his life and journey. 
 "Music is the best travel companion in this adventure called life!" - Mark Wild




Mark Wild

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