Growing up in the eastern part of the German capital, 3xBIND was influenced and affected by the cultural revolution that happened after the collapse of the DDR. He remembers how his parents lived in fear, not knowing what to do, how to work or even party. This greatly influenced the adolescent he was and led him to follow somewhat safer career choices in comparison to some of his friends.

Passionate about music from a young age, he learnt how to play various instruments such as piano or the flute, and also dabbled in music production during the 90's. In the meantime, the techno craze had taken the city by storm, his first time at the Love Parade set him on a new course, as clubs were popping up everywhere, he became a regular to most of them, shaping his tastes hearing new sounds.

This passion for the club scene and how it was evolving even led him to film the 5 days closing party of Tresor at its former location. This being the university project that saw him running around with a VHS camera at a time where phones had not yet invaded dance floors and people did not care nor feared to be shared on social media after.

Now after years working in stressful environments, 3xBIND underwent a drastic change and decided to redirect his focus towards art and music production. He has been soaking up everything recently, studying music theory and going to school again in order to learn sound design. As a painter, he also illustrates his releases with his own artworks and continues to paint to the music of his favorite electronic artists.

It is not a surprise then that the multifaceted artist creates music that is evocative, each piece tells and has a story of its own and that is what he aims to transmit to his audience. His ideas, his feelings and damning melodies, this is the trip he is inviting you to.

Padlock EP