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Zy Khan produces music from the point of view of his own life experiences and moods, bringing a fresh new perspective and exciting sound design to his music.

With many years under his belt producing tracks for the alias THEELEMENT, Z.A.K and more, he now takes the step of producing and releasing under his own name Zy khan.

With many releases within the ElectroHouse genres such as THEELEMENT winning various remix contests for DIMMAK, SPINNIN, CR2, and Primeloops, it has also had a number of chart-topping releases reaching the Top 100 on Beatport.

Zy Khan will now focus on releasing quality House & Techno which is already building up a lot of support in its first 2021 releases from artists and DJs like Darin Epsilon, Intergreal Bread, Main Leaf, Pedro Mercado, Madd Rod, Cream, Wally Lopez, LORRAINNE Eran Hersh, Sirup Music, Katy Rutkovski, Eleven Of July, Dj Akira and more
Zy Khan also hosts his own radio show called "Reflections" every first Saturday of the month on Uk station

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Zy Khan

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