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GRAZZE is an artist in love with music in all its essence, who has made perseverance as his best weapon, given his performances in important international venues around the globe such as India, UK, Holland, Ireland, Spain and important scenes such as those of Ibiza, Amsterdam, Dublin and Madrid, among other European and international cities.

Anjunadeep, Sudbeat, Armada, BeatFreak, Einmusika, Renaissance, Zerothree, Glasgow Underground and Zehn are just some of the top labels that have released his music.

A list that includes remixes of some of today’s most respected producers such as Tube & Berger, Olivier Giacomotto, D-Formation, Einmusik, Betoko and Stan Kolev, amongst others.

Talking about the Ibiza scene, GRAZZE is playing and currently acting in Nikki Beach (Ibiza & Mallorca), Cafe Mambo, Savannah, Hard Rock Ibiza and Destino amongst others.

Within the technical field, GRAZZE has a superior title in sound engineering, specialized in mixing and mastering, while in the most creative fields he is a natural in percussion and guitar. All of this allows him to build his own and original musical universe, owner of a characteristic essence that evokes emotion and brings subtle ethnic elements, without ever losing sight of the club and the dance floor, something that the Spanish artist knows well given his performances.

Like A Bird




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