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2021 has certainly been a year for producer KAMADEV. Emerging out of the vibrant nightlife of Miami, he has been dropping tracks of sublime beauty which explore the deep textures of electronic dance music. Not to be confused with the mind-numbing offerings of EDM, KAMADEV produces intelligently crafted music that engages the mind as well as the feet.

His continuously growing catalogue of work is beginning to grab the attention of audiences and dance floors everywhere.

He has been signed to a number of labels including Manual Music, SOMATIC, Beyond Now, ICONYC and Krafted indicating the impact that he is beginning to have on the dance scene.

The rich complexities of his melodies, sweeping progressions and intoxicating beats are reflected in his most recent tracks ‘Asedan’, ‘Quential’ and ‘Zepher’. Broad brushstrokes of enveloping sound sweep over his audiences and takes them on a ride of exquisite splendor from which they will never return.

With a name that is taken from the Hindu god of Lust and Love, it is no surprise that KAMADEV’s music is the sonic reflection of those emotions. Dive deep into the swirling currents of his creations and embrace a paradise of experiences for the spirit and the soul.

Delivering a whole swag of new music in 2022, there is no doubt that KAMADEV’s star will continue to shine as he pursues music that will resonate with a global audience. Join him on his journey and discover a world of unimagined pleasure.



Like A Bird










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