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Manuel Maga is a dj and producer originally from Italy, born in a small town near Milan.
He raised in a home with good musical taste where the vinyls of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie was playing day by day. Growing up, he find many different inspirations from the city of Milan and from the school, where Manuel become a guitarist and solo voice in a rock band. With the end of the young age and the school days, he begin to search his way in the clubbing life of the city.

As an habitant dancer on the floor of different parties around Milan, he fell in love with electronic music, gettin lost with electronic beats, hypnotic grooves and deep melodic vibes. This boundless love, became music production in a bit and after some good releases , reaching the Minimal Techno Beatport chart many times, he begin to spread his musical vision out of Italy, precisely in Germany (Bremen), Portugal (Lisbon) and Mexico City.

Before the pandemic situation he organized his parties in collaboration with peoples who work in the music business of Milan, but with the arrive of Covid everything became a mess. Lockdown for everyone and everything, he survive for 2 years home alone, making music and evolve his style with sperimentations in different genres but found a new way in the melodic techno. After these hard times, he comes out of this situation releasing music with Natura Viva Black, Prototype and YouAreSafe and restart to organize parties tryin to live again.

This is only the beginning, but the best is yet to come.




Manuel Maga

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