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He began his musical career singing in a punk band called S.D.K. in 1996. It was in 1999 when he took a turn and began to play electronic music in various pubs and nightclubs in his town, it did not take him long to excel in styles such as Electro and Techno.

All this led him to travel to different national and international cities and to be part of different collectives such as Ableton Collective, Con.Class Collective, Spiral Sonora Andalucía, Spiral Sonora Burgos, in which he performed with the international artist Rene Breitbarth, owner of the German labels Treibstoff and Deep Data.

At Citric Collective Andalucía, he had the pleasure of performing with international artist Ludovic Vendi of the Minisketch and Sonat Record labels.

All this leads to an immense journey of 13 years of experience, having worked in various places in Spain and abroad, such as: 2003 Granada, 2004-2005 Amsterdam, 2004-2005 Burgos, 2006 Barcelona, from 1999 to 2006 Almeria. And to act in different festivals such as: San Marcos Rock (El Ejido), Natural Festival (Guardias Viejas).
Resident in the club Contacto c/ Seneca nº 7 (Almeria).2007 and 2008 Adra (Almeria) presentation Mundo Sol Festival, Adra (Almeria) Mundo Sol Festival. 2009 in some private parties. 2010 Adra (Almeria) Mojito Festival. 2011, Disco Dasava, Fines (Almería) and Kabuky Club Adra (Armería) Charity Party Todos Con Lorca.

In 2009 he took a course in music production and in 2011 another one in advanced mastering, creating his own record label Avance Tech Records. In 2011 he releases his first EP Mientras Dormías, he moves to Barcelona to expand his knowledge as a music producer, and the following year he publishes La Lluvia, a song for Zoo Music Volume 2, a compilation of Hexil Creative Records. In March 2013 he published for the same label Africa E.p. with four songs of Deep house and Tech house.

Soon his latest work, Tramontana, will be released for the label Eardrum Records, one of the best known labels nationally and internationally.

Perfect Soul EP





Daniel Vilchez

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