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AIRSAND, a project led by DJ Andrey Exx, has established a significant presence in the global music scene, performing in over 30 countries. With memorable shows in destinations like Ibiza (2022, 2018, 2017), Amsterdam, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, the Netherlands, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Beirut, Turkey, Dubai, and Croatia, AIRSAND's influence spans continents. As an international DJ, music producer, and author of numerous top remixes and original tracks, Andrey Exx is a celebrated resident of the world's largest music labels, including Armada, Black Hole Recordings, Milk & Sugar Records, Sirup, No Definition Records, Tiger Records, Heavenly Bodies, Tactical Records, Pornostar Comps, and Deepalma, among others.

TURANIQA, another notable project, showcases the talents of well-known singer, DJ, and music producer Yulia (Julia Turano). Known for her work on the "Julia Turano" project as a singer and for her successful collaborations in the Deep House genre, Yulia has, in the past two years, focused on her work with Andrey Exx on the new project "TuraniQa." This collaboration has earned a high rating on international streaming platforms and the Beatport music portal. In the AIRSAND & TuraniQa project, Yulia serves as the ideological inspirer, the performer of tracks, co-owner of Exx Labels, and plays an active role in the production of releases.

Combining the expertise and achievements of AIRSAND and TURANIQA, this collaboration between Andrey Exx and Yulia Turano represents a powerhouse in the electronic music scene. Their work spans across numerous countries and music labels, marking significant contributions to the genres they represent. The synergy between Andrey's extensive DJing experience and Yulia's vocal and production skills underscores the unique blend of talent and creativity that defines their joint projects.


Airsand & TuraniQa

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