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Unveiling 'COMPILATION FOUR', a curated collection where each track crafts its own intricate story, pulling listeners into diverse sonic realms.

With Thedtry's "Siren", you're introduced to a haunting allure, as it weaves a tapestry of enigmatic melodies, echoing the captivating pull of age-old legends. Its resonant tones and mystic beats beckon listeners to a world that's both familiar and otherworldly.

Othertune masterfully captures a moment that feels eternal with "Never Ends". The track ebbs and flows with undulating rhythms, crafting a narrative that suggests some melodies, and memories, are meant to linger forever.

Evoking the first rays of sunlight, Mark Wild paints a serene dawn with "Morning". It's a sonic ode to new beginnings, shimmering with gentle optimism and the promise of what a new day brings.

"Enteloo" sees Kamadev diving deep into the realms of auditory exploration. Merging shadowy undertones with luminous highs, the track presents a dance between darkness and light, seducing listeners into its rhythmical embrace.

The vibrant and effervescent "Hecio" showcases Manuel Maga's ability to infuse tracks with spirited emotion. It's a tune that radiates infectious energy, sure to uplift and invigorate all who hear it.

Finally, Desthen challenges perceptions with "Another Way of Sight". Pushing boundaries, the track encourages listeners to explore alternate aural landscapes, reveling in the beauty of new and unique sonic perspectives.

Embark on this compelling journey with 'COMPILATION FOUR', an embodiment of the diverse tapestry that today's electronic scene has to offer.



Manuel Maga

Mark Wild




30. Aug. 2023


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