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Lose yourself in the spellbinding world of KAMADEV's latest masterpiece, "Like A Bird" This mesmerizing track takes you on a transcendent journey, gracefully combining hypnotic beats with enchanting melodies. As you soar through the ethereal soundscapes, KAMADEV's masterful production will captivate your senses and elevate your spirit. Embrace the freedom and magic of "Like A Bird" and let your soul dance among the clouds.

Experience the exhilarating heights of KAMADEV's "Like A Bird" as reimagined by the prodigious GRAZZE. With his distinct touch, he infuses the original track with a newfound energy and depth, creating a pulsating remix that will transport you to uncharted territories. His innovative approach to the track effortlessly blends subtle ethnic elements and immersive textures, crafting a sonic adventure that will enrapture your heart and ignite your imagination. Spread your wings and take flight with GRAZZE's breathtaking remix of "Like A Bird".




17. Mai 2023

Like A Bird

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