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We’re very excited and grateful about the incredible group of artists that have joined forces to create this excellent COMPILATION ONE. This release features six unique tracks by marvelous artists from 4 continents, each with their own style and character. Close your eyes and let yourself be taken on this magical melodic journey - whether it be on a packed dance floor in a bustling club or the serenity of your mind. This compilation is packed with driving bass lines, playful & groovy percussion, catchy melodies and a feeling of pure ecstasy.

Anton Allure’s impeccable production style comes to full shine with his deep and lush track “Mi Khal”, that eerily sends your senses into limitless bouncy transcendence.

One of the most promising producers in the scene is back with a truly extravagant and genre-bending production named “After You”. His pursuit of exploring and creating new soundscapes comes to full fruition in this hypnotic and energetic journey.

With “Is This Real” our beloved and wildly talented Starkato is back with a delightful melodic voyage, fueled by a deep and sonorous bass line, captivating melody and excellent percussive groove.

Label founder Till Antonio marks his second release on DEEP TALES with the dark, twisted and spacey track “Lost”. This driving track is packed with alienesque sound elements, deep & spacious breaks and bewitching melodies.

The immensely talented producer Voltaire has created a truly marvelous debut release on DEEP TALES with his track “In the Sky”. Ethereal vocals guide us through the dark and progressive soundscape, ideal for dancing away into the night and dissolving us into a state of blissful happiness.

Zy Khan marks his debut release on DEEP TALES with his spotless track “Chemical Daze”. His production prowess clearly shines through in this dark and mysterious auditive journey, creating an enigmatic and restless atmosphere that elevates your senses and encapsulates them straight away.

Anton Allure



Till Antonio

Voltaire (UK)

Zy Khan


23. März 2022


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