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We’re back with our biannual COMPILATION and are thrilled to share this energetic pleasure-inducing wild auditive ride. Each of the seven involved artists has contributed their unique and skillful approach to create a truly enchanting melodic journey. Guaranteed dance floor bombs!

A mesmerizing arpeggio sets the foundation for this amayinz track by the two Berlin prodigies Fabian Vieregge and Stan Starry. While a punchy kick drum propels the energy forward, ethereal synth pads add depth and dimension to the dynamic rhythm, making for a truly immersive experience.

The talented French producer Jickow has crafted a dark, forward and hypnotic track with “Thoughtcrime”, sucking you instantly into its deep enigmatic soundscape. Catchy melodies are skillfully combined with well-accentuated percussive elements, leaving no limb unmoved for certain.

Brazilian mastermind Thedtry wove a deep, dreamy yet steadfast track, whose ever evolving melody playfully lures you into a state of blissfulness, with magical sonic elements swirling around your ears at all times.

After an incredible debut 3-track EP, we’re very pleased to welcome back up and coming underground artist 3xBIND with his mystical and dark track “Occam”. An eerie voice leads us into his dystopian, yet well-structured and mesmerizing auditive world - a truly enthralling and magnetic journey.

Canadian-based Jares has blessed us with this energetic track, driven by a pulsing bassline and anchored by steady percussion. “Rage” showcases a soaring synth melody that builds tension before releasing into a euphoric drop.

Israeli producer Amir Telem’s “Feels Like Winter” features intricate, layered melodies and a pounding kick drum, taking the listener on a journey through a soundscape of twinkling synths and atmospheric textures, all tied together by a relentless bassline.


Amir Telem

Fabian Vieregge



Stan Starry



8. März 2023


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