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Our COMPILATION FIVE emerges as a diverse and mesmerizing journey through the realms of electronic music, featuring six uniquely crafted tracks:

Into The Night by Ismael Rivas, Pressurized:
A journey that begins under the cloak of twilight, "Into The Night" is a masterful collaboration between Ismael Rivas and Pressurized. It's a track that encapsulates the mystery and allure of the night through deep, pulsating rhythms and haunting melodies.

Enigma by Joe Fisher, XZYKO:
Joe Fisher and XZYKO unite to bring "Enigma," a track that weaves a complex tapestry of sound. With its intricate layers and progressive build, it encapsulates a journey that's both mysterious and intensely captivating.

Life by Amanda Baron:
Amanda Baron's "Life" is a poetic exploration in sound, blending uplifting melodies with a vibrant energy that echoes the very essence of life’s dynamic rhythms and unexpected turns.

Leukosia by Sebastian Kettel:
"Leukosia," by Sebastian Kettel, stands as a testament to the power of melodic techno. Its intricate composition and evocative soundscapes transport listeners to a realm of both introspection and exhilaration.

Compromise by Alessio Pennati:
Alessio Pennati's "Compromise" skillfully marries intensity with harmony. This track is a sonic embodiment of finding balance, with its seamless blend of strong, driving beats and mesmerizing melodies.

Hypnos Nyx by Patrick Ruprecht:
Closing the compilation, Patrick Ruprecht's "Hypnos Nyx" is a nocturnal odyssey. Deep, brooding, and atmospheric, it captures the transformative power of the night, offering a perfect endnote to this diverse collection.

Each track in COMPILATION FIVE promises to take listeners on a distinct and unforgettable auditory adventure, showcasing the depth and breadth of contemporary electronic music.

Alessio Pennati

Amanda Baron

Ismael Rivas

Joe Fisher

Patrick Ruprecht


Sebastian Kettel



15. Feb. 2024


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