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We’re delighted to welcome Thies Dry to our label family with his incredible EP “Padlock”, which features three unique & dark originals. With this opus he is taking us into dark & twisted spheres, leading our focus on the piercing & catchy percussion that guide us through his enigmatic vision.

The lead track “Padlock” immediately lures you into its dark soundscape, with lush broad synths swirling around you and an ever evolving eerie melody sucking you right in.

“Standstill” is characterized by an exquisitely assembled groove which gently guides us alongside clear & fierce arpeggios, embraced by dark atmospheres while waves of deep & euphoric synths wash over your ears.

Thies Dry’s last track “Their Hope” skillfully concludes this EP with a dark & mellow auditive voyage, luring you into a state of blissful existence and pure vibrancy.



15. Juni 2022

Padlock EP

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