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It’s a pleasure like few others to welcome the well-established producer and artist Eleven Of July to our DEEP TALES label family. He has created a stunning EP, featuring two mesmerizing originals, “Crepuscolo” & “Fino Alba”, as well as a dazzling remix by the musical prodigy Starkato.

“Crepuscolo” is a deep & driving opus that instantly sucks you into its dark soundscape. Clear & accentuated percussion create a sublime groove that get you moving in no time and lead the way forward on the dancefloor.

The second track “Fino Alba” is a captivating and dark track that takes you on a seemingly ever-increasing journey, leading you deep into its twisted and enigmatic soundscape.

Building upon the work in “Crepuscolo”, Starkato has created a superb remix that is a guaranteed club hit. His rendition is an energetic, driving & vibrant track that craftily demonstrates Starkato’s unique production prowess.

Eleven Of July



13. Juli 2022

Crepuscolo EP

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