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The musical prodigy Starkato is back with his incredible partner in crime & equally gifted Intaktogene, who have worked tirelessly to make this incredible and unique release possible - one original and two individual remixes by both of them.

“Cracks” is an emotional & colorful track that beautifully lifts your spirits up and serenades you into the early morning hours, seducing you to dance away and to leave all worries behind.

Starkato’s remix of “Cracks” takes an energetic & powerful approach, transforming the original version into an airy, spacey, yet driving club ready track that skillfully takes you on an auditive journey into new sonic spheres.

Intaktogene’s take on the original showcases her unique ability to create an intriguing soundscape, with a wonderful mixture of catchy groovy beats coupled with dreamy progressive atmospheres.

These two power producers have truly outdone themselves once again and it’s a pleasure to have them with us as an integral part of DEEP TALES.




19. Mai 2022


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