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We are thrilled to present you our COMPILATION TWO, a release that is packed with luscious and diverse tracks by a group of absolutely incredible artists.

By now Anton Allure has clearly distinguished himself as a truly exceptional producer and his newest track “Zulu” is a straight-forward testimony for his unique style. ”Zulu” is characterized by a delicious groove and enigmatic bass line, which will instantly seduce you into a magical auditive journey.

It’s an enormous pleasure to welcome the established German / Lebanese duo Cosmic Minds to our label family with their powerful track “Orbit Rises”. From the onset this energetic and dark track lures you into a hypnotic state of ecstasy, as the airy vocals swirl around your head and the point-on percussions carry you away into the night.

Greg Nox marks his debut on DEEP TALES with his mesmerizing and groovy track “Eclipses”. The deep rolling bass line coupled with well-accentuated percussions will leave no dance floor empty and instantly take you on a delicious sonic ride.

We’re very happy to welcome the up and coming Polish artist TIMLER to DEEP TALES, with his absolutely incredible track “Ethos”. TIMLER has created a driving and yet playful track that instantly sucks you into his unique soundscape. He creates a beautiful and deep atmosphere, that is nevertheless a forward and mystical voyage into the early morning hours.

It’s truly wonderful to welcome the two very skilled artists Othertune and Sundra to our DEEP TALES label family with their opus “Point of No Return”. They’ve thrown together both their production prowesses and crafted a powerful and delightful track that catches you right from the start. Deep bass lines are coupled with seductive melodies and their potent sonic atmosphere is a guaranteed dance floor ready track.

The Hungarian up and coming producer Veeco has created a truly stellar debut on DEEP TALES with his impressive track “Sunrise”. Veeco skillfully created an enchanting and splendid auditive journey, with beautiful vocals and sweet melodies that are perfectly coordinated with the catchy groove and straight forward percussion.

Label owner Till Antonio is back with his playful track “Gossip”, that is taking you on a deep and yet cheerful journey into the depths of the night. Flirtatious melodies are flowing throughout the track and swirl around your ears in an ever-increasing soundscape that will leave you delighted and energetic.

Anton Allure

Cosmic Minds

Greg Nox




Till Antonio



7. Sept. 2022


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