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It's our utmost pleasure to welcome the wildly talented INESSA to our DEEP TALES label family with this incredible debut EP - it features three wonderful songs that take you on a unique auditive journey.

The lead track “In The Forest” is a seductive track with a rolling bassline and beautiful light swirling melody that will lure you into a dreamy ride in no time. Accentuated vocals are skillfully paired with a joyful percussive soundscape, rounded off with enigmatic ear candy all throughout.

“Wolf Spirit” instantly catches you with its driving and forward rhythm, beautifully accompanied with eerie vocals and a hypnotic melody. This track quickly takes you into a deep voyage into the extraordinary sonic world of this excellent artist.

Her third track “Squirrels On Acid” is a proper techno opus to conclude this EP with skillful finesse. Proper acid melodies are paired with playful and piercing percussions - be ready for this track to burn down club floors everywhere.



3. Nov. 2022

In The Forest EP

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