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It is our great pleasure to welcome the talented Hungarian artist Veeco to our DEEP TALES family - he’s created an absolutely stunning progressive house EP featuring two originals and a mesmerizing remix by the impeccable GALESTIAN.

“First Landing” is a beautiful progressive journey that is characterized by its catchy bassline, light playful melodies and iconic vocal snippets from the early days of the Apollo moon program.

The second track “Otherside” is a hypnotic and deep exploration of stunning soundscapes, skillfully accentuated with percussive elements and a dreamy overall direction.

GALESTIAN’s remix of “Otherside” flawlessly showcases the unique talent of this incredible producer, adding alluring percussive layers and melodic harmonies. His rendition is a compelling musical journey with surprising twists that’ll swirl around your head and get you to dance away with ease.




30. Nov. 2022

First Landing EP

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