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The Berlin-based Lebanese/German powerhouse duo Cosmic Minds is back with a truly exceptional three track EP - two stunning originals and a fire remix by the one and only Rauschhaus.

“Eternal Light” is an epic track that will instantly seduce you into its skillfully crafted deep atmosphere, with a driving bassline and hypnotic soundscape. The catchy playful melody is taking you on a journey through lush synths, beautiful breaks and merciless drops.

“Carbon” is characterized by its dark and straight forward rolling bass, coupled with mystical deep synth, well-accentuated melodies and delicious ear candy all throughout.

Rauschhaus has created a truly powerful remix of “Eternal Light”, skillfully transforming the already strong track into a proper dancefloor bomb. The alluring and evolving melody is moving on top of a lush bassline, with a catchy percussive groove and his signature focus on sophisticated sound design.

Cosmic Minds



29. Dez. 2022

Eternal Light EP

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